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Project financing is a process of funding money to the organisations or industrial endeavours, to support and upliftment of the companies needs to come out of the debt. On the other hand the equity has been raised from the profit for venturing the business.  It is a way of securing the assets evolved by the project and the loan to be repaid from the ongoing project profit gains. By looking at the world today, especially in terms of industrial sectors are growing rapidly, due to which to sustain the organisation in the niche marketplace the term project finance is important. Certainly it is old method of lending money for the development of venturing the organisation.

Most of the existing  companies in the 21st Century, expands their sectors and manufacturing units, for that finance is backbone of the organisation. It is an option to borrow and support from different agencies who builds equity or the debit capital for the company needs. over here the project manager to decide based on the nature of the project.

Perhaps, on the current scenario India, has overtaken US and Australia in terms of project finance. Most of the business giants are showing interest across the world to support project financing in India.  For instance, let's talk about solar power project. "It is one way of environmental friendly and no course of using natural resources and pollution free to support the civilians and to run the organisations. So for that  we need power in the form of electricity".


We are working on different streamlines in terms of financing for new business and startup companies and to motivate most of the entrepreneurs throughout India. Our slogan is " You come to us with your business proposal and we push you up with financial support. without plan there is no sense in undertaking". Our services are legitimate and ethical that our profession is considered. We are offering business loans in the following industries such as:

  • Real estate
  • Iron and steel
  • Engineering
  • Cement
  • Automobiles
  • IT and publishing

Startup Business for the New Entrepreneurs based on the collateral basis.



We can arrange Unsecured Business Loans from private lenders on below terms.

1) Loan Amount- Upto 10 cr

2) ROI- 18 to 36% (depend on lender to lender)

3) Tenure- 6 to 24 months (depend on lender to lender)

4) For Pvt. Ltd and Public Ltd. Companies only

5) Company should be Minimum 3 year old

6) Net profit should be above 15 lacs

7) If there is any existing or past loan or other facilities, the repayment track must be excellent

8) Negative Profiles- Gems & Jewellery, Real Estate, Infrastructure, (Steel & Metal and Textile case to case).

9) This offer is most benefited for the companies who have already taken secured and unsecured loans from the banks and NBFCs on the bases of their financials and now they are not getting loans because of over exposure

10) Locations- Pan India

11) We will be needing Mandate and direct access of client to move further

We need below documents to review your proposal.

1) Company profile

2) Last 3 year's ITRs alongwith audited financial

3) Last 1 year bank statement till date (all CA, OD, CC a/cs)

4) Sanction letters/ details of all the existing loans and other facilities


To start with the process or approve the loan request we need following docs

1 summary of the project.

2 borrowing entity information to gather with owners information.

3 PPA Agreement signed 

4 EPC company signed agreement and contract

5 Financial projection for next 5 years

6 loan amount and usage of funds

7 total cost of project and equity from the promoters

Please note all the information should be recent and not older than 6 months


we are now investing in infrastructure projects in India as private lenders minimum amount from us $ 25 million to no maximum limit. Interested clients could drop an email for further discussions.


We provide Financial Instruments especially on SBLC, BG and LC, either Discounting, Lease or Purchase. Currently, we are discounting the instrument those who really needs us.

Minimum Instrument begins with

$100Million/ €100 Million... Please send a copy of SBLC and Kyc with client full information with the bank info and contact number of the bank  officer and letter from the bank address to client confirming that they have issue a SBLC by order of the client...